ASES Rebrand

The Problem

An Outdated Brand Hurts Membership

The Asia-Pacific Student Entrepreneurship Society (ASES) was founded at Stanford University in 1998 with the mission of connecting entrepreneurs between Asia and Stanford. Since then, ASES has grown rapidly, spreading to over a dozen countries and gaining significant prestige, especially internationally. As a result of this international growth, ASES’s core mission has changed, becoming more about connecting entrepreneurs globally, and not just between Asia and Stanford.

In addition to becoming outdated visually, ASES’s identity has not kept up to reflect this new global mission. As a result, recruitment efforts at the Stanford ASES branch were at all time lows.

I was tasked with redesigning the ASES visual identity to look and feel more professional and modern and to communicate ASES’s new mission of connecting entrepreneurs globally.


Identity, Print


Creative Lead, Visual Design


August – November 2014


The Original Logo

The original ASES logo was designed to convey a connection between Asia and Stanford, the East and the West, though ASES. Color is central to the logo with the red and blue colors representing the East and West respectively.


The Redesign

ASES Logo on White
ASES Logo on Blue
ASES Logo on Image

Inspired by the existing logo’s metaphor for East and West, I extended it into a circle to represent a more global metaphor.

International ASES branches stay autonomous and are encouraged to form their own unique values based on their local culture of entrepreneurship. With this in mind, I took the two colors used to represent Asia and Stanford in the original logo and extended them into a gradient with each shade meant to represent each sub-chapter and their unique ASES culture.

I furthered the use of gradients from the logo to create gradient image filters that could be applied to ASES images and content, making them instantly recognizable and associated with ASES.

ASES Website Gradient
ASES Facebook Gradient

Style Guide

Unifying the ASES Chapters

To communicate the new identity to ASES’s over dozen chapters, I created a style guide that was shared with the global ASES community.

Below are select pages covering color, type over imagery, image treatment, and logo lockups.

ASES Style Guide 1
ASES Style Guide 2
ASES Style Guide 3
ASES Style Guide 4
ASES Style Guide 5
ASES Style Guide 6
ASES Style Guide 7
ASES Style Guide 8

Brand Applications

Print & Brand Collateral

Further, for our annual summit, we design and print a packet that includes information on fellow delegates, speakers, and the week’s activities. Getting accepted to attend an ASES summit can be a big deal for delegates who may have never been to the US, much less the Silicon Valley and Stanford University. While the packet serves as a useful reference during the conference, it also serves as a piece of memorabilia that delegates can keep and bring home with them.

Further, as a school club, a large majority of our most effective marketing still comes in the form of printed flyers distributed around campus and t-shirts worn at activites and recruiting events.

After rebranding, ASES had its most successful year of recruiting receiving more applications than any previous year. Further, the new identity has been adopted and implemented across all ASES chapters.

You can follow ASES on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @ASESStanford.