Hi there! I’m Jonathan, but my friends and family call me Jon. I was born and raised in Thousand Oaks (our claim to fame) and currently live in San Francisco. Most of the time, I’m a digital product designer who dabbles in branding and front-end development. Other times, I’m a founder who combines design and technology to solve problems no one else is solving. In 2016, I graduated from Stanford with a computer science degree that, for my parents, roughly translates to “good at tech support.”

As a designer, I get most excited about applying good design to industries and experiences where good design isn’t yet the norm. Some examples include financial tech, enterprise software, civic tech, vehicle infotainment systems, and public signage.

Most recently, I started a company called Firsthand that enables online brands to create their own brick and mortar stores over the Internet (since this is the Silicon Valley – it's like Squarespace for brick and mortar retail). YC thought our idea had promise and invested in us but we couldn't quite scale and shut down in 2018.

Before Firsthand, I helped start two other companies: one that utilizes computer vision to make video content interactive (acquired) and another that reduces truancy at public schools. In addition to starting companies, I’ve had the privilege of working at places like Yahoo and Tank Design with some pretty incredible people.

From my experiences starting companies, I solve design problems with business constraints and goals always at the forefront of my attention. I view good design as not just a competitive advantage but as a requirement and enjoy working with organizations who share this point of view.

In my free time, I enjoy shooting hoops, traveling, and taking photos of things. I’m always down to meet new people – if you’re interested in connecting, let’s shoot some hoops, go for a walk, or just chat over the good ol’ telephone. (I guess we can grab coffee too).

Thanks for visiting!